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On a 12 hour, 950km road trip, theres plenty of time to think about all the things you want to achieve on a location shoot.. like getting to know the client.. what to expect…but this location shoot was a little different. This is my family, my childhood home and a place that runs very deep in my veins.

Man of the Outback | David Russell, pilot, auctioneer, pastoralist, stock and station agent.

This was a somewhat bittersweet visit for me.  We had lost our father in late 2016 and this was to be my first trip to home soil since his passing.  My brother David and his wife Gail now own and run Budda Station, and to see that they are  injecting new life and creating new chapters here is so heartwarming.  It was emotional and very raw, however I was excited to see what my family had done to restore our beautiful old home on the banks on the Darling River. It feels like home  once again.

Those “Home feels”
I’d love to know the mileage of these boots..
Kate and David | Branding and tagging  the calves
Our boy Ted, enjoying his visit home
Tess and Alby | Rolling out the Hay
Feed time
Watering hole
Kids rolling out the Hay
The Big Dry
Jenny the Station Manager topping up the buckets

This year,  2018 is a special year of celebration for Budda Station being 100 years in continual pastoral care.  In 1918,  after the First World War our grandfather was alloted a government grant as a returning serviceman. Our father Tom Russell who was 93 when he passed away, worked this land all his life and now the care of this family property rests in capable hands with David and his family.

It happened purely by chance that we were looking for a feature for the magazine                  (Sydney Hills and Hawkesbury Living) and given the current drought conditions across our state, it was a great opportunity to bring our Hills and Hawkesbury readers a vastly different perspective of  what our farmers are facing daily. The full feature  article written by the late Mark Amdur titled  “Man of the Outback” can be found in the magazine via selected newsagents or subscribe at www.hillsandhawkesbury.com.au

These curious little beauties
All hands helping with the feed stock
My husband David, son Jack and his mate Jayden

David and I taking the Cessna 182 for a fly around the station
The once Mighty Darling River, starved of water
David Russell on the deck at Budda Homestead
The Old Nelyambo Homestead, on Budda Station
A new chapter begins ..Renovations continue on Budda Homestead

Magazine Title | Sydney Hills and Hawkesbury Living  www.hillsandhawkesbury.com.au  Summer 17 edition | Man of the Outback | David Russell

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