If you’re anything like me, you’ve possibly come to this page first. I get that. Finding a photographer can be a daunting task, let alone one that doesn’t require a second mortgage just so you can keep your own images. Well, we would love you to read on cause you’re in for a treat.

Firstly, you do need to know that we don’t stage photos. It just looks awkward.  This doesn’t mean that we don’t guide your positioning, we just work with you to find what’s natural and free flowing. A lot of people can feel quite uncomfortable posing for photographs (me included) and sometimes a child’s true personality can be overlooked. This is your chance to create something so much more than a set of images– where we can really focus on telling your story, and showcase that story in all its essence.







Our Day in the Life photography sessions mainly focus on capturing those moment-driven images that tell your story. There is no posing for these sessions. We free flow throughout the time capturing your normal day to day activities, shooting those fleeting moments we often miss. We want to capture you, just being you. We want to tell your story. The quiet, the loud, the loving, the life changing, outings to the park, Sunday roasts, meal times, bed times – all those things that make you and your family unique. This style of photography also allows you to see an alternate perspective of your day. Perhaps the moments you often miss, the connections between your family members and the bonds between siblings.


It’s super important to us that we can meet with you and really nut out and discuss what it is you are looking for. Of course, this is completely free of charge and comes with absolutely no obligation to book. This is simply to determine if we’re each other’s “people” because if you’re going to have someone hanging around you all day, you need to make pretty certain you’ve found “your people” and someone that fits your style.

So, if you decide we are “just that”, you can expect that we are all in!  And rest assured that, when we’ve captured your story, we are going to work on creating your stunning imagery for you to absolutely cherish.




Our Day in the Life sessions are basically a photographic documentary of one day in your life. These photo sessions are photojournalistic in nature – there’s no posing or interference from us as photographers, there’s no staging or need for preparation – these sessions are meant to be real and will be a true representation of your family. Its ok that the house may not be presentable, you may have odd socks, toys and chaos everywhere.. PERFECT. Leave them there! – I’m not shooting that –I’m shooting the goings on that you are doing in that moment. It’s a chance to document all of the happenings in your house on a regular day and to show your family really truly as a family.

This shoot is done over a period of 2 hours in your home. This is a perfect session for children and their siblings. It allows us to get to know the kids, get down on their level and follow their lead, allowing them to introduce us to all the little personal things that make them unique. From their most cherished toy, to how fast they can run, their favourite things to play with, snuggle time, even baking cookies in pyjamas. We love to shoot these sessions very naturally allowing the activity and free style play of the kids, be that meltdown moments, sibling rivalry, fingers in nostrils, ugly crying, wrinkled nosed giggles… relax. It’s normal. And we will capture it. This is, after all what it’s about. Being as natural as possible and capturing this moment exactly as it is.

DAY-IN-THE-LIFEThis session may seem daunting, but its truly not at all. If you can allow us the time in your day, I promise you will hardly notice us at all. A Day in the Life can be done anywhere. It may be a family outing, or a Sunday roast, Saturday morning sports, meeting up with a mums group at the park or even just spending quality time doing chores in the family home. These are all priceless moments and perfect for this style of shoot. This session is a long one; it’s great for families with more than one child and for parents who are wanting images that show their relationship with their children and each other. This session is perfect for our perfectly imperfect families, lovers, dreamers and everyone in between.