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I am so excited to share this birth story with you all.  { Insert nervous laugh..} I’ve never shot a birth before this …

At first I was nervous. No, I was petrified to be perfectly honest.  Although I had already been on a photographic journey with Casey and Tim previously, I had never been asked  captured a birth before. So began my journey of learning everything I could about birth photography, reading, joining forums, researching and understanding the needs of a birth mum and her support crew.  There was a lot communication between Casey and I, building Pinterest boards for idea’s to share with each other to ensure we both understood what direction we were taking.

Heres a few images from Casey and Tims personal album and their own journey of welcoming their little boy “Spencer”.

There is so much more to Birth photography than just capturing an actual birth. Its highly emotional, incredibly grounding and so unbelieveably beautiful . Its the birth of  not only a baby, but a family. The strength and power of these moments of bringing bub into the world, completely focused, calm and yet so powerful, is one that will stay with me for a long time.

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